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Suppose someone gave you a choice between these two bets: Guess 6 numbers between 1 and 50
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Dave Muse Media
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21 February 2002

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Which bet would you rather take, 6 numbers between 1-50 or 6 numbers between 1-15? Really, this program will show you that any winning lotto number can be picked from only 15 numbers. This powerful lotto software is based on the unique Delta system discussed at our website. It happens that Delta representations of winning lotto and keno numbers have some very interesting characteristics. Low Deltas like 1,2, or 3 are much more likely than higher Deltas, for example. The program incorporates Deltas into eight systems for analyzing lotto/keno numbers. Picks can be based on historical data, Delta calculations, typical number patterns and more. Stores and statistically analyzes data for as many games as you wish to play. Each game can have its own data, its own system and other parameters. Powerful import engine makes sense out of lotto data from almost anywhere. Unique Filter feature lets you analyze only the data you want to - you can separate drawings by day of the week, by ballsets, or anything else you can think of. Multiple charts for number distribution, Delta numbers, and number trends. But this is not software only for math nerds - more than 40 popular lotto and keno games come already set up, ready to play in a button-push. And adding new games is a snap.

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This program is alright I would say. The first day that I used the system also the first day that I purchased I played the illnois little lotto. I hit three out of five numbers paying about ten dollars I thought that this was the start of a beautiful thing and then never won anything again. It could be true for twenty buck I think its worth a try.
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